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Perilla Frutescens (Perillae Folium) at Princeherb.com Zoom

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Perilla Frutescens (Perillae Folium)

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PRODUCT: HR0245 NET.Weight: 3oz ( 86g )ORIGIN: South Korea

Perilla Frutescens (Perillae Folium)

Use in Traditional Herbalism **
Allergies, Cardiac disorder, Diabetes. Enhancing body condition, Menopause,
Increase appetite, Low cholesterol, Anemia, Insomnia.

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Product Information

    Perilla, also known as Chinese basil, is traditionally grown in China, India, Japan and other Asian countries. Its leaves are used to make Japanese pickled plums called umeboshi plums and its seeds are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Some health benefits of perilla have been substantiated by scientific studies.


    Rosmarinic acid, an abundant compound in perilla, provides anti-inflammatory benefits that reduce allergy symptoms, according to Dr. Steven Bratman, author of "Collins Alternative Health Guide." Both chronic, seasonal allergies and sudden, life-threatening allergic reactions such those to fish, peanuts and bee stings respond well to perilla. A laboratory animal study published in the January 2011 issue of the journal "Experimental Biology and Medicine" found that perilla leaf extract reduced symptoms such as runny nose and red, watery eyes.


    Luteolin, a flavonoid antioxidant; triterpene compounds; and rosmarinic acid in perilla may convey anti-cancer benefits, according to Marja Mutanen, co-editor of the book "Vegetables, Whole Grains, and Their Derivatives in Cancer Prevention." Topical application of perilla leaf extract may inhibit skin cancer. A study published in the 2012 issue of the "International Journal of Nanomedicine" found that a substance called perillyl alcohol inhibited skin cancer tumors from progressing and resulted in an 80 percent survival rate in laboratory animals. Further studies are needed to confirm these preliminary results.

    Autoimmune Diseases

    The University of Maryland Medical Center lists perilla seed oil among other plant oils including soybean, pumpkin seed, and purslane as containing high levels of omega-3 alpha-linoleic acid, which is useful for managing autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and asthma. Asthma may respond well to treatment with perilla seed oil, according to a study published in the January 2007 issue of the journal "Planta Medica." In the laboratory animal study, doses of 1.1 grams per kilogram body weight of perilla oil inhibited airway constriction in response to an inhaled irritant. Perilla seed oil also inhibited migration of white blood cells into the lungs and helped prevent anaphylaxis -- a severe and life-threatening immune response. Researchers concluded that perilla seed oil may be helpful at managing the symptoms of asthma. Further studies are needed to confirm these results.


    A Chinese herbal formula used to treat depression includes perilla as one of its ingredients, according to Dr. Lesley Braun, co-author of the book "Herbs and Natural Supplements: An Evidence-Based Guide." In a laboratory animal study published in the 2011 issue of the journal "Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine" inhalation of perilla essential oil resulted in decreased symptoms of stress. Researchers concluded that inhalation of perilla essential oil may offer antidepressant benefits.

    Health Benefit: allergies, depression, digestion, gastroenteritis, hair loss, hair regrowth, hypothyroidism, insomnia, treatment of infections
    Expiration Date: Products manfactured within four months, The expiration date has been cited separately
    Net. Weight: 3oz ( 86g )
    Origin: South Korea
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How To


    1. Rinse the herbs with cold running water then soak it for 30min.
    2. Water : Herbs ( 1ℓ:30g )
    3. Bring to a boil, lower the heat and simmer for 30min ~ 2hr or more.
        ( Root : 1hr - 2hr / Loose leaves : 10min-30min )
      **Keep refridgerated and take 1cup 3times daily.(hot or cold)


    DISCLAIMER : Some individuals may have adverse reactions to certain plants, herbs, and other natural products.
    Just because something is natural does not mean it is safe for everyone.
    On any issue where no specific advice is given to consumers please follow this general advice if you are currently taking the product:
    you are advised to discontinue use and consult your pharmacist or herbal medical doctor.
    when speaking to your doctor or pharmacist you may find it is helpful to take a copy of this MHRA advice about the product with you
    you should continue to take any medication prescribed by your doctor.


    Q: How much water should I boil with how much tea/herb?

    A: Generally you boil 20g of tea/herb with 2L. of water. The ratio does not matter. However, it is recommended that you control the
    saturation of the tea (how strong it is) depending on your personal preference and body condition.

    Q: How do you calculate how much time you should boil water with tea/herb?

    A: It depends on the tea/herb.
    For leaves: boil for 15~20 min.
    For hard fruits, roots, and stems: If you soak the tea/herb in water
    for 1~2 hours before boiling, you can save time in boiling, and also get a deeper flavor than without soaking.

    Q: Do you sell other tea/herbs not listed on the site?

    A: Currently, what is listed on the site is what we mostly deal with in retail stores. However,
    if there is a certain tea/herb that you wish to 
    get, you can send an email to info@princeherb.com. Then, we may offer a price for obtaining the tea/herb, answer questions, and even offer purchase.

    Q: Can you mix household tea/herbs with Princeherb's tea/herbs?

    A: Yes, you can combine 5~10g of teas/herbs that you already have with Princehrb.com's teas/herbs.
    Although brewing one tea/herb is still good, combining 2~3 teas/herbs helps bring out the remedial effects of the tea/herbs better than brewing just one tea/herb. However, most tea/herbs contain natural toxins, and it is recommended that you boil 1~2 pieces of liquorice root along with the tea/herb to remove the toxin.

    Q: What is the direction of Natural Pills & Powder?

    A: Pills : 2-3 times a day / 20-40pills /  Powder : Mix the power with water, milk, rice, or soup. 
        No Caffeine, No Chemical Additives. No Food Color, No Antisepic.

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Perilla Frutescens (Perillae Folium) Health Benefits : allergies, depression, digestion, gastroenteritis, hair loss, hair regrowth, hypothyroidism, insomnia, treatment of infections